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Sun Sand & Sindh
(Ancient Culture) 9-15 Days
Mode of Travel: Fly/Jeep/Camel-Motel/Camp
The Cholistan desert is part of the famous Thar desert in India. Part of it is with Pakistan in the southern region. It was once traversed by the many caravans trading between the Indus River and the rich kingdoms of northern India.

Many forts sprouted up along this route. Jeisalmer in India is the most famous and frequently-visited while the Pakistani counterparts are still completely unspoiled and well-preserved.

The name of the desert comes from Cholma meaning moving and referring to the nomadic habits of its people who are in constant search of water for their herds.

A camel safari here is a unique opportunity to visit the nomads and appreciate their unique culture. Mountain Travels Pakistan operates two safaris to the Cholistan desert; one which is 9 days in length and another journey that goes for 15 days.

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