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  • Baltoro Glacier (4500 M.)
  • Children From Chitral
  • Climbing Trango Tower (6286 M.)
  • Deosai Flowers
  • Korea Youth Expedition at Concordia
  • G-I (8068 M.) BASE CAMP
  • G-IV (7925 M.)
  • K-2 (8611 M.) VIEW IN MOON LIGHT
  • NEAR SUMMIT OF K-2 (8611 M.)
  • Paragliding in Chitral
  • PAYU (6010 M.) and ULI BIAFO (6110 M.) PEAKS
  • RAKAPOSHI (7788 M.)
  • Polo Festival
Track Record
MTP feels proud in having the kind of experience and learning in hosting world’s renowned media companies, publishers with global outreach, expeditions [worldwide tour groups of distinguished tourists of 50 plus age groups – MTP has the privilege to be the sole organizer for worldwide elder tourists of mainly North America, Canada, and Europe on Silk Route destinations].

MTP is a trusted representative in Pakistan of the Elder Treks Canada. Some highlights are given following:

  • Reinhold Messner – the world’s greatest mountaineer: MTP has the privilege to facilitate the world’s greatest mountaineer Reinhold Messner for his mountaineering expedition in Northern Pakistan. One staff member Rozi Ali had the honor to do all the expeditions with the legendary mountaineer [Fax message by Reinhold Messner].
  • Elder Treks: Conducting Silk Route cultural groups in Pakistani portion of the trip [Islamabad to Tashkent] representing Elder Treks Canada.
  • American Int’l School of Islamabad (ISI): Has the unique experience of providing quality services to int’l students groups of the ISI comprising of 20-30 students/teachers as a part of their annual “outdoor leadership” activities.
  • Family Treks: Has the honor to introduce and conduct family groups of high profile foreign embassies and missions to the mountainous northern Pakistan. Managing teen-aged children ranging from six years to over 4000 meters highlands was a unique experience.
  • Gyosei Corporation, Japan: Extended friendly services to world’s renowned photographer Hiroki Fujita on his photographic expedition in the high altitude of Karakoram, Himalaya, and Hindukush. Facilitated launching the book in Islamabad and ceremonial presentation to the then President of Pakistan (Ghulam Ishaq Khan). The corporation also published a remarkable book titled “The Gandhara” with the logistic support of MTP.
  • Documentary Movie by French TV Channel: A French TV channel shot a documentary movie on an agile porter from Baltistan (Pakistan) famously called “Little Karim”. MTP played supportive role in Pakistan. The movie won the first prize in the International Mountain Film Festival, Autrans, France in December 1997. Ghulam Ahmad and Adbul Karim of MTP was especially invited to attend the festival.
  • NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai – Japan Broadcasting Corporation): Conducted Japanese TV team from NHK in 2000 in Northern Pakistan for filming Educational Documentary on the natural beauty and the people of Baltistan titled: “The Karakoram”. The assistance role of MTP was highly appreciated by NHK [NHK letter].
  • Chinese Expo Delegation: The first ever Chinese Delegation was conducted by MTP. This was a kind of new experience which remained highly successful and resultantly much appreciated by the delegation itself.
  • Wildlife Photographic Expedition: World renowned wildlife photographer Alain (late) and Eric Dragesco remained in Northern Pakistan. MTP facilitated the team.
  • THI Corporation, Japan: Dealt successfully with the groups from Spunichi Japan sent by the THI Corporation of Japan. The business relations with THI was a learning experience.
  • Edelweise Club, Japan: Edelweise Club, Japan is a club of elderly women (above 50). MTP guided the respected elderly women from Japan in the Deosai Mountains in Northern Pakistan.
  • Canoeing Expedition on Indus: Introduced kayaking and canoeing teams on Indus River in Pakistan. This was a traumatic experience for Ghulam Ahmad who was unluckily kidnapped together-with 3 Japanese nationals of Waseda University, Japan. They were safely escaped after remaining captive for a month in 1991 [Japan Embassy letter].
  • Highland Adventures, Brazil: Representing the Highland Adventures, Brazil in conducting cultural tour to Pakistan.
  • Momoyama Gakuin Daigaku Research Institute for Education and National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka Japan: Facilitating (since 1995) Prof. Chitose Okada in conducting research on Balti epics, history, and culture.
  • Korean Nangaparbet Expedition 2001
  • Norwegian K-2/Broad Peak Expeditions 2005
  • Norwegian K-2/Trango Tower Expeditions 2008
  • International Nangaparbet/Broad Peak/G-I & G-II Expeditions 2009
  • Norwegian Saraqsa Glacier Rock Climbing Expedition 2010
  • Korean X-Himalaya Paragliding Expedition 2011
  • Korean Youth Expedition 2011
  • Norwegian Nafees Cap Rock Climbing Expedition 2011
  • Pak-China Friendship Spantic Expedition 2012

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